Guy Krenzer

Cake shop

There are vocations that impose themselves, and others that will certainly not exist without a hand of fate. Guy Krenzer’s was certainly built by accident, whilst flicking trhough a book of 200 trades.

His finally chose that of deli-caterer, “because that was all that there was”. A nice twist of fate for this Tour de France companion. A rich experience from which he will keep the happy family spirit, transmission, sharing: all values that still exude in each of his dishes and his courses. Lover of cuisine in all its forms, his career is a sequence of successful experiences as reflected in his title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (One of the Best Craftsmen of France) first in the Pork butcher and delicatessen category in 1988, then cuisine in 1996.
He who proudly confesses that his favorite dessert is “mother’s plum tart” also explains quite simply that his favorite food is “that prepared by friends”. Amazing you might say? Not really when you know that the chef’s key word is: fun! The pleasure of sharing, learning, transmitting… Tthe time of a cookery class, Guy Krenzer transmits his passion, his tips and his recipes, because, as he likes to say, “If you’re frightened about giving, you’re already passed it!”.