Guy Savoy

At the tender age of fifteen Guy Savoy decided that he will be a cook, and nothing else!

And it is through the precious learning process that he learns the riches and servitudes of this trade. First at the chocolate maker of his city, Louis Marchand, then at the Troisgros brothers, who fascinated him by the elegance with which they practiced, then at Lasserre in Paris, at the Lion d’Or in Geneva and at the Oasis at La Napoule. He was then noticed by Claude Verger, who entrusted him with the Barrière of Clichy.

At only twenty-seven years old, he opened his first restaurant in Paris, Rue Duret, and quickly ascended the firmament of the guides.

The Guy Savoy Restaurant in the currency of Paris, Le Chiberta, Les Bouquinistes, L’Atelier Maître Albert, Goût de Brioche and the Guy Savoy Restaurant of the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas … Guy Savoy Houses all have the same fragrance and each one its personality.

For Guy Savoy, cooking is a daily discipline where time and work combine into a practice subject to the appreciation of sight, touch, smell and taste. It is the senses that shape the culinary reality. The cuisine of Guy Savoy first expresses his sensitivity and his passion.

A meal at Guy Savoy mobilizes the combined talents of cooks and service teams, in order to highlight the flavors of the products of our planet, the fruit of the work of the best farmers, breeders, producers and winegrowers, all aware of the value shared heritage.

When one speaks to him of “high gastronomy”, his answers is that he is an innkeeper. If he is told that he is an artist, he answers that he is a craftsman. But if you tell him that he makes you dream, then he will reply that only those who dream are able to give dreams to others…