Stéphanie Le Quellec

Considered one of the most promising signatures of French cuisine, Stephanie Le Quellec grew up in a family that has always considered gluttony as a core value to the pleasures of the table.

Young woman of strong temperament, she forged her personality and her style alongside two Meilleurs Ouvriers de France: Philippe Legendre (George V) and Philippe Jourdin (Terre Blanche). A learning in the purest French tradition which today characterizes her cuisine, full of character, fed by passion, work, discipline and generosity. A cuisine full of nuances oscillating between fire and grace.

Inspired by the tasty simplicity of Southern cuisine, Stephanie Le Quellec lightens her cuisine of its tricks. For the Prince de Galles, she composes her dishes with a measured simplicity, punctilious and sophisticated. In the plate, the product quality is always in the spotlight by composing very simple tastes.

Recent twists: La Scène obtained in 2014 a first Michelin star, and engages in a new act of its history as a daily representation, the chef improvise every day with the best products in the market. New approach to gastronomy movement, the menu is essentially composed of ‘blind’ menus, taking of course into account the desires of the guests.