Tomy Gousset

Discreet, hardworking, meticulous … chef Tomy Gousset is now one of the leaders of Parisian gastronomy.

Originally from Cambodia, there was nothing to suggest that his destiny would be to master French cuisine. After studying at business school, Tomy was looking for a hands-on experience and turned towards cooking. He was attracted by its creativity and the pleasure it brought him and he joined Ferrandi at the age of 23, where he experienced a revelation: his would devote his life to cuisine and his customers.

Making extra efforts to assert himself and earn his place in the world of cooking, he joined Taillevent in 2004 under the leadership of Alain Solivérès, who became his mentor and taught him the rigor of a three-star restaurant. In 2006, he joined Yannick Alléno in his adventure in the palace kitchen at the Meurice (3 Michelin stars), as a chef de partie – where he was influenced by the excellence, creativity and mastery of French gastronomy. In 2010 he moved to Daniel Boulud’s restaurant ‘Daniel’ (3 Michelin stars) in New York, and it was here that he discovered how French gastronomy is exported. He also discovered a constantly changing city, where food is reinvented every day. Back in Paris in 2012, Tomy took over the helm at the Pirouette bistro near Les Halles. Success came very quickly with a new bistronomy where presentation inspired by his Michelin star experience met with traditional bistro cuisine and ingredients. In 2016, Tomy spread his wings by opening his first restaurant: ” Tomy & Co”. It is the ‘& Co’ connection that is so significant: surrounded by his second-in-command Jérôme Favan and sommelier Micäel Morais (who he met while at the Meurice), his partner Ludovic Palomba, the architect Richard Lafond, his wife Constance and his team members, Tomy is now writing a new page in his career thanks to this loyal support and mutual trust.