William Ledeuil

Born in Bourges, William Ledeuil spent his childhood in the Loiret. His first culinary approach is through the trade of butcher, which his father practices and that teaches him his uncle.

A few years later, he joined the Ecole Ferrandi Paris. During his years of studies, William Ledeuil made his apprenticeship to the greatest ones, like Alain Dutournier and Guy Savoy. After a decade of collaboration with the latter, he decided to take off. He opened his first restaurant in September 2001, ZE KITCHEN GALERIE, and obtained a Michelin star seven years later, a star that has not stopped shining ever since.

In September 2009, he opened his second restaurant, KITCHEN GALERIE BIS, also known under the acronym KGB, a few meters from the parent company.

William Ledeuil sees his kitchen as a playground in which the expression is entirely free and spontaneity is the rule. It is by having acquired perfect traditional French culinary techniques, that he plays with the codes and incorporates flavors and products discovered in Asia and citrus fruits with unique essences.

Over the years, William Ledeuil confirmed his reputation, in France and abroad. One recognizes its signature in its singular bouillons, in the multiplicity of textures, the subtlety of perfumes, or in the art of condiment. His cuisine invites you to a captivating and imperishable sensorial journey. Rewarded with many awards and author of successful cookbooks, William Ledeuil manages humility and talent with flair.