Faithful to our Danish origins, where form follows function, BODUM has been developping coffee makers and tea makers since 1958.

Our famous BODUM FRENCH PRESS ® and BODUM TEA PRESS ® create less waste and produce more taste than any other system.
Slow coffee brewing has become our core focus because it is environmentally friendly and simply gives you the best cup of coffee. You can choose between 3 different slow-brewing processes recognised by the best coffee roasters all around the world: siphon brewing with our PEBO and new E-PEBO coffee makers, press system with our iconic BISTRO and CHAMBORD design for example, and last but not least slow filtration technology with our new POUR OVER line.

And BODUM is much more than this! You may be looking for amazing double wall glasses which keep your drink hot longer, water kettles, travel mugs, the right coffee grinder, milk frothers, storage jars with natural cork lids, etc..,etc… we actually have everything you need.