Comptoir du Caviar

Created in 1991 by Philippe Chauvin, Comptoir du Caviar’s reputation is based on the traceability of its products and its price transparency. Throughout the world (Bulgaria, Poland, Uruguay and China), he selects farms that are capable of guaranteeing ethical consumption of caviar as well as flavours that match those in the wild, and this is one of the very few French companies authorised to handle and package caviar.

Farmed caviar around the world has now reached maturity, making the product more accessible.

Comptoir du Caviar, in view of the quantities it purchases, its cutting-edge industry expertise and the fact it controls the packaging process from A to Z, is able to reduce its profit margins to the advantage of the general public. The brand is proud to offer an authentic product at a fair price with no-frills marketing.

Comptoir du Caviar is the new place to go for all those who love fine fish products. Comptoir du Caviar can be found in Paris and Cannes as well as online and offers a carefully-picked selection of smoked salmon, lobster, king crab and an extensive choice of taramas and fish roe including the finest caviars – and always at a fair price.