Happy Plantes

HAPPY PLANTES the new address for 100% organic herbal teas made in Auvergne.

Happy Plantes, works with wild organic plant pickers from a local cooperative. Once the most beautiful plants have been selected by the pickers, the cutting, blending and processing is done in the Volvic workshop. There are two ranges of herbal teas: The Must Haves, a selection of blends, perfect for any time of day, The Tonic for the morning, The Digestive for lunch and The Relax for the evening. We also have The Superheroes range, created by superheroes for superheroes. Five mums, five athletes, five geeks and five entrepreneurs all met to create a unique blend, made by them just for you! Single herbal teas are also available, such as Verbena, Red Vine and Wild Chamomile. There is one to suit all tastes! Happy Plantes can also help you to create your own herbal tea blend and in the spirit of sharing our expertise Happy Plantes organizes workshops.