Honly is a honey master

Its aim is to offer food lovers and fine dining professionals the richness of France’s honey-producing heritage, identifying the uniqueness of each honey.

A passion for selecting the very best from local suppliers

Honly works directly with the most exacting beekeepers and is able to offer a selection of outstanding honeys, each one an expression of the place, time and flowers that make it what it is.

Honly’s honey cellar, which already features 80 rare, exclusive or emblematic honeys, is the only one of its kind in France, and a place where you can can find your ideal honey with traceability back to the hive.

Expertise in pinpointing the uniqueness in each honey

To enjoy each different honey, Honly invites you to look beyond the appellations and explore the variety of aromas, textures and intensities.

A tasting committee evaluates the complexity of each honey.

A commitment to excellence, guaranteeing the honey’s natural qualities

The honeys are conserved at low temperature to preserve their natural properties. They are neither blended nor heated and the quality requirements are akin to the highest quality standards (AOP, Label Rouge).

Their freshness is certified to ensure that your honey is of excellent quality and its taste unaltered.

Honly is recognised as a “Quality Artisan Producer” by the Collège Culinaire de France.