Kuroshio & Co

和食 Washoku spirit: 和 “Wa” for harmony, and 食 “Shoku” for food. The philosophy of our company is based on this simple Japanese idea to propose products mixing harmony and respect of the 4 seasons while stimulating all your senses.

Tsukiji Market is also proud to be a pioneer in France for the distribution of true fresh Japanese and European wasabi, live langoustines and sea urchins from the Faroes Islands, Mediterranean Bluefin tuna or fresh bamboo shoots.

Our company mission as well is to promote Japanese regional crafts and especially Uji tea. Uji tea is an exceptional quality green tea such as matcha, sencha and gyokuro, all of which were developed in Uji, a Kyoto suburb, after the introduction of tea trees from China in the 12th century.

Uji tea is renowned and appreciated to the point that it is considered the best green tea in the world. It is also an invaluable ingredient in fine cuisines and pastry recipes. We are proud to offer you these Uji tea grand-cru produced by Riichi Yoshida, one of the most respected tea producers in Japan today.

Welcome to the world of Tsukiji Market!