O Mà Gourmandises

O Mà Gourmandises is the life’s work of chef Jean-Michel Querci. Inspired by his mother and a love for food, he has always had a desire to experiment with bringing out the best in the products from his homeland of Corsica. His work is above all a desire to invent whilst doing good, in an authentic, Corsican way.

“Where we come from, we say “O Mà : mother” it’s a way of expressing and conveying all the love a mother has for her children, her family, and what she wants to achieve in life.
Naming our company “O Mà” is a tribute to the person who has made us who we are today.”

The unrivalled flavours of his gourmet creations come from a selection of the best local produce and his unique expertise.

Jean-Michel Querci is the man who invented and sells patented recipes for Broccui jam.