Oh My Tea!

Oh My Tea ! is the story of two childhood friends who discover the pleasure and the benefits of plants during their trips abroad.

On their return, they launched their brand and surround themselves of tea specialists – from around the world, China to Argentina, going through India and South Africa – to invent the situational tea focused on the benefits it can bring:

  • Relaxing (Before Un Big Dodo)
  • Detox (Before Le Maillot De Bain)
  • Remineralizing (After Hangover)
  • Digestive (After La Bouffe De Grand-Mère)

An original and delicious collection of 26 products. Emphasis is also placed on the pleasure of tasting with flavors like strawberry, raspberry, pear, lemon, grapefruit and other mixtures which wrap the premium tea with their natural flavourings.

With for values the quality, the pedagogy but also with an offbeat humor, Adrien and Charles wants to break down stereotypes surrounding this ancestral drink too often considered as outdated or feminine and lead a new public towards this new gustative experiment.