Papa Boun Briocherie

Papa Boun Briocheri: Good, Cool and Boun

A delicious harmony between tradition and modernity, between pastry and salty-sweet snacking; Papa Boun is a new food concept exclusively based on French brioches. At Papa Boun, we revisit and bring back to the table timeless classics thanks to a hint of modernity, colour and sweetness. Papa Boun offers salty bouns with greedy alliances such as pastrami- pickles – honey mustard but also straciatella – tomatoes – arugula – basilica cream. For the professional snackers, will you resist our sweet version: a tiny unctuous brioche filled and glazed by the talented pastry chef Julien Abourmad? The wisest will test the Sugar boun, the greediest will indulge in the Coco or Caramel Dulce de Leche Boun! Those sweet boun will be presented during Taste of Paris 2018 in their insanely attractive boxes.


21 rue Marie Stuart
75002 Paris


00 331 45 08 57 91