ULTI, pure pressed juices

The true taste of freshly squeezed fruit.
For over 25 years, ULTI has traveled the world looking for the best fruits. Its goal? To make juices that are as vitamin-packed and as delicious as those freshly squeezed at home as widely available as possible, in the fresh juice section of supermarkets and in take-away retail outlets. The brand uses its expertise to preserve all the taste and vitamins contained naturally in the fruit in a bottle.

ULTI, the leading French manufacturer of freshly squeezed fruit juices
ULTI has developed in France its technology of stabilization using a cold-pressed high-pressure technique, which does not alter the taste of the fruit. The fruits and vegetables, which are carefully selected from around the world, are pressed and bottled near Paris. This means that ULTI controls its production line and guarantees the unique freshness of its juices.

A taste for innovation
ULTI now offers a range of “Green” juices with a blend of fruit and vegetables. The brand has also teamed up with aromatic herbs specialist Darégal to create innovative, juices and flavours with herbs stabilized by high pressure, and which are preservative free. In November 2016, this new brand was awarded the Grand Prize for non-alcoholic drinks by SIAL.