Modern, Creative

A cosy atmosphere, mood lighting, a warm atmosphere… L’Agapé, starred in the Michelin Guide, is full of feel-good factor. The tables are covered with elegant cloths and the dining area, for 35 to 40 guests, is decorated with a sculpture by Nathalie Decoster and paintings by the Vietnamese artist Boun.

The restaurant is ideally situated, in the 17th district of Paris, near the Boulevard Malesherbes, the Avenue de Villiers and the Avenue de Wagram, not far from the Ternes district.

L’Agapé is the result of the vocation of two food enthusiasts, Laurent Lapaire and Olivier Le Franc, graduates of the Montargis catering school. They have both been trained up in excellence. Laurent trained with the great chefs of starred restaurants, and Olivier learned the art in Paris’s luxury beer cellars and restaurants. So they naturally decided to join forces and create L’Agapé in 2008, and earned a star in the Michelin Guide in 2009.

In L’Agapé, the gourmet cuisine respects the product and the flavours. Each dish is flavoursome, classical and elegant. The restaurant offers seasonal and exceptional products to gourmets.

The Chef Yoshitaka, faithful to the spirit of the place, works subtle miracles on the dishes, textures, flavours, temperatures and spices that he mixes delicately.

The desserts are also an attraction on the menu of L’Agapé. All the talent of the dessert chef is expressed in the surprising and unctuous creations, such as her “Madong” chocolate named after a 70% cocoa butter chocolate from Papua.



51 rue Jouffroy-d’Abbans
75017 Paris


Tél : +33(0)1 42 27 20 18