Modern, Creative; Vegetarian

Frenchie: It was Jamie Oliver who gave Gregory Marchand this nickname in the kitchens of his Fifteen restaurant in London, and the moniker has stuck ever since. So it was a natural thing for him to lend that name to the restaurant he opened in April 2009 in Paris’ second arrondissement.

At first, Greg worked alone in the kitchens, with one person helping guests in the dining room. Soon, though, the team expanded, as did the wine menu, with a wonderful palette of international labels and signature wines. The ambiance was relaxed and the staff was professional and down-to-earth.

After five years, Frenchie underwent a reinvention. New décor, new style: the dining room was completely redesigned by Emilie Bonaventure and a new five-course carte blanche menu was created.
Frenchie is a world born of inspiration, a place where Greg would himself go, guided by a spirit of generosity and a passion for good ingredients. Trying new things, sharing and, above all, enjoyment: these are the reasons the Frenchie team do what they do.

On a menu that changes with the seasons, the dishes are rooted in French cuisine, but transformed through inspirations from an international repertoire.

Greg enjoys working with all kinds of ingredients, from the simplest to the noblest, but always strives for authentic, original culinary creations graced with impeccable seasoning and his now-famous touch of acidity. His cuisine is described in turns as generous, inspired or daring, but it is always a source of surprise and delight.
In the narrow rue du Nil of Paris’ 2nd district Greg sets his knives. It’s love at first sight for the small space tucked away in the tiny cobblestoned street that used to be an old landmark for thieves now surrounded by the textile industry of the Sentier.

Today, on rue du Nil, the Frenchie family has grown and now has three locations: the restaurant, the wine bar – a Frenchie-style cave à manger – and Frenchie To Go – takeaway food that captures the best recipes of the legendary Anglo-Saxon delicatessen.



5 – 6 rue du Nil
75002 Paris


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