Modern, Creative; Gastronomic

Gastronomy, Kei Kobayashi fall into it when he was little!

He spent his childhood in Nagano, in a very passionate family: his father is a cook in a traditional kaiseki restaurant. But his real vocation is born … While watching TV, thanks to a documentary about French cuisine. He studied three years in Japan before leaving for the Hexagon to complete his training with top chefs. There he is, at home now, in this restaurant wich convey a simple elegance.

The kitchen is well worthy of a passionate: there is something native in its realisations. The Japanese influences are shown in delicate touches – with a citrus purée, flowers, green apple … – while preserving the flavors of quality products. Some flamboyant associations surprise, other ones delight by their harmony and clarity;the chef plays with textures and ingredients. Icing on the cake: he evolves regularly its menus (without choice) throughout his own inspiration … Inventive and refined.



5 rue du Coq-Héron
75001 Paris


Tél: + 33 (0)1 42 33 14 74