La Tour d’Argent

Modern, Creative; Gastronomic

In 1582, between the Seine and the Bernardine Convent, opens up an elegant inn at the banner of La Tour d’Argent. Henry III comes there to devote the use of the fork. What follows is a long history where the French gastronomy, arts of table and quality of receiving guests becomes the signature of this Parisian institution.

In 1600, La Tour d’Argent is very popular: duels for a table where tasting « la Poule d’Afrique ou l’Anguille des Bois ». Henry IV sent domestics to fetch “Large slices of pâté Heron” at La Tour d’Argent.

At the time of the Grand Siècle, Versailles came to the Tour d’Argent. Le Duc de Richelieu offer a whole ox primed in 30 different ways; and for dessert, a novelty for the 40 guests: coffee. A Vitré, Madame de Sevigne regrets the Tour d’Argent’s chocolate.

At the time of the Regency, the Little Dinner will emerge around 1720 as Philippe d’Orléans feasting there with the beautiful Aissé and Juno Parabère.

During the Second Empire, Morny treats his favorite at La Tour d’Argent. Milord I’Arsouille and Mr. de Carnevale regale their friends. One day, Lecoq, the hotelier, disguised as pastry cook the pretty Countess Le Horn who fears being surprised by her husband.

At the time of the Third Republic, Frédéric created the ritual “duck with blood” and enacts its laws: the Duckling, once born, will be… numbered.

In 1914, André Terrail adds to this legacy the secret recipes of Adolphe Dugléré and the rare bottles from the Café Anglais, gift of Claudius Burdel to his daughter who marries the new master of La Tour d’Argent.

In 1936, on fine days, you can now take tea “under the tent” on the terrace on the sixth floor, and soon we dine there ” to the lights”.

In 1947, Claude Terrail succeeded his father and takes in hand the destiny of La Tour d’Argent.

In 1958, the Art and History of Gastronomy are reunited together with the opening of the ” Petit Musée de la Table” at La Tour d’Argent.

In 1964, in the heart of the cellars where lies 400 bottles, the “Honneurs du Cellier” relate you the adventure of the vineyard.

In 1982, La Tour d’Argent celebrates its 400 years of youth.

In 1985, the counters of La Tour d’Argent opens up: showcase for the art of living, sumptuous pieces of silverware, crystal, porcelain and glass, alongside the deli, champagnes and spirits.

In 1990, the famous numbered duck celebrate its centenary and its devotees.

In 1992, the day of St. Andrew, La Tour d’Argent pays tribute to the hosts who made it famous.

In 1995, the honor paid to the Ladies of La Tour d’Argent for their grace and spirit.

On 29th April 2003, La Tour d’Argent celebrate, during a memorable party, his millionth duck.

2016 marks a new turn. André Terrail, owner of La Tour d’Argent creates a new visual identity including a new logo, and La Tour d’Argent becomes Tour d’Argent. In May, he entrusted the reins of the kitchen to the great Chef Philippe Labbé and gives him carte blanche. The objective is to continue the work initiated and enroll his house – that he likes to call family house – in a serene modernity thanks to the talent and creativity of Philippe Labbé. Les Comptoirs de la Tour d’Argent are transferred to the ground floor of the restaurant and became Le Comptoir de la Tour, a new setting which hosts the sweet delicatessen, fine grocerie, wine and also tableware.



15 quai de la Tournelle
75005 Paris


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