Maison Rostang

Modern, Creative; Gastronomic

Because there is no better story than the ones which endures, the restaurant created by Michel Rostang in 1978, now becomes Maison Rostang. Beyond the name, it’s a new page that is being written for the family with its chef Nicolas Beaumann, perpetuating classics and contemporary works in the restaurant.

Maison Rostang brings its historic chef, Michel Rostang, and its current chef Nicolas Beaumann. Together, they do a cuisine paying tribute to the French tradition, never dissociated from the present. The menu they created together, is a dialogue where the classic combines the present time, and the two chefs tend to extend the gastronomic history of the restaurant. The magnified products are selected considering the seasonality (truffles, game …) and are mated to the wines coming from one of the finest cellars of Paris.

Arrived in 1999 in the two-star restaurant Michel Rostang, Nicolas Beaumann perfected and discovers with the chef, a technique cuisine, honoring the classics, sometimes forgotten, of the french gastronomy. Nicolas then follow Yannick Alléno at the Meurice where he will be chef de partie and sous-chef from 2003 to 2007.
In 2008, he returned to Michel Rostang to be head chef. His experience allows him to combine the basics of classic dishes and working with precision the most refined products, in a spirit of modernity.

Maison Rostang is the gourmet restaurant of the Rostang Father & Daughters. The family is also head of two bistros (Le Flaubert and L’Absinthe), two fish restaurants (Dessirier and Jarrasse), a meat restaurant (Le Café des Abattoirs) and an urban inn (Odette – opening scheduled for late 2016).