Mandarin Oriental

Modern, Creative; Gastronomic

Thierry Marx, a frequent traveler, a malicious alchemist, a master whose talent has been acknowledge many times, yesterday at Château Cordeillan-Bages in Pauillac (Gironde), who is now at the head of the Mandarin Oriental’s kitchens, haute couture Parisian palace that imagined a customized restaurant.

Once you pass the entrance hall, you are transported to a whole new universe, of immaculate white and almost monastic, which evokes the avant-garde decor of a film by Stanley Kubrick. “My kitchen is both structured and destructured,” says Thierry Marx. This is what you feel when you discover its unique menus, successions of dishes with amazing flavors.

As a meticulous goldsmith, he works on the subject, plays with intelligence on transparencies, flavors and textures, assured at every moment of the precious support of David Biraud, the excellent sommelier of the house. Without a doubt, we are dealing here with a cuisine of creator, full of character and finesse … A real experience.