Modern, Creative

You can sit around a table, on a cushioned bench, or choose an intimate table for two – anything is possible.

We are open-minded. Your waiters are also not traditionally dressed, wearing denim shirts, leather aprons and red trainers, because we want them to reflect the modern interiors designed by Pierre Yovanovitch.

Time has stopped here. We try not to look at our watches. We even dare to turn-off our mobiles. So we can better enjoy our surroundings: the tranquillity, the chef’s choices, the impeccable service, the unusual decor… Escape to somewhere beautiful, from the middle of Paris. At Nubé, you are free from formality and can forget routine. Only the present matters: a moment out of time, a moment to enjoy.

Cocoon yourself in Nubé, and the leave the worries of the world behind. It’s a different world, composed of glass and mirrors. Below Céline Wright’s cloud shaped installation, the subtly lit mixture of plants and minerals take you through the end of the day to the evening. A setting that simply makes you dream about travelling. Destination: relaxation. Immediate relaxation – no need for passports or jet lag.



12 Rue de Marignan, 75008 Paris